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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Plugin development ceased, all plugins made available freely (GPL)

With great sadness we have to announce that we are ceasing development of all our VirtueMart, WooCommerce and Joomla plugins. Effective immediately, all our plugins -- even those that were paid downloads -- are made available for free from our homepage (GPL license still applies), but we cannot and will not provide any support anymore.

It has been a great pleasure to be part of the thriving development communities of VirtueMart as well as WooCommerce. However, during the last year it became painstakingly clear that in addition to a full-time job, a young family and several other time-consuming hobbies at professional level (like being a professional singer) the plugin development and the support that it requires is not sustainable and is taking its toll. It has been an honor, but it is now time to say good bye!



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No weight = no shipping? 21 May 2014 11:17 #1

  • oysterrgirl
  • oysterrgirl's Avatar Topic Author
Hello, how can i prevent shipping in case the order includes an item with zero weight?

I've tried this:

24/48H; MinWeight==0; NoShipping

But it doesn't work

I have VM 2.0.26d

Thank you

No weight = no shipping? 02 Jun 2014 10:58 #2

Actually, your rule should work for this.
Do you get any error messages or warnings?

To find out why things don't work, it can be quite helpfull to display al available variables as described in the documentation: www.open-tools.net/documentation/shippin...emart.html#debugging

Best regards,

No weight = no shipping? 03 Jun 2014 12:12 #3

  • oysterrgirl
  • oysterrgirl's Avatar Topic Author
Thank you for your reply. I get no error messages and debugging returns no errors either

Also, i've updated the plugin just in case, but i'm having the same problem; customers can shop with weight=0 and they get free shipping instead of no shipping.

No weight = no shipping? 03 Jun 2014 12:26 #4

Then I suppose you have other rules, too? In particular, if you have a rule for free shipping (without any restraints or with matching conditions) BEFORE that NoShipping rule, the free shipping rule will be used. The plugin goes through the rules sequentially and uses the first rule that matches...

Best regards,

No weight = no shipping? 03 Jun 2014 12:29 #5

  • oysterrgirl
  • oysterrgirl's Avatar Topic Author
But i have no free shipping rules. These are my rules:

Islas Baleares; 07000<ZIP<=07749; MinWeight==0; NoShipping
Islas Baleares; 07000<ZIP<=07749; 0<=Weight<=10; 12.60
Islas Baleares; 07000<ZIP<=07749; 10<Weight<=20; 13.38
Islas Baleares; 07000<ZIP<=07749; 20<Weight<=30; 16.61
Islas Baleares; 07000<ZIP<=07749; 30<Weight<=40; 19.77
Islas Baleares; 07000<ZIP<=07749; 40<Weight<=50; 22.92
Islas Baleares; 07000<ZIP<=07749; 50<Weight<=60; 26.15
Islas Baleares; 07000<ZIP<=07749; 70<Weight<=80; 29.35
Islas Baleares; 07000<ZIP<=07749; 80<Weight<=90; 35.65
Islas Baleares; 07000<ZIP<=07749; 90<Weight<=100; 38.88
Islas Baleares; 07000<ZIP<=07749; 100<Weight<=110; 42.13
Islas Baleares; 07000<ZIP<=07749; 110<Weight<=120; 45.27
Islas Baleares; 07000<ZIP<=07749; 120<Weight<=130; 48.43
Islas Baleares; 07000<ZIP<=07749; 130<Weight<=140; 51.66
Islas Baleares; 07000<ZIP<=07749; Weight>140; NoShipping

Menorca; 07749<ZIP<=07769; MinWeight==0; NoShipping
Menorca; 07749<ZIP<=07769; 0<=Weight<=10; 16.31
Menorca; 07749<ZIP<=07769; 10<Weight<=20; 19.46
Menorca; 07749<ZIP<=07769; 20<Weight<=30; 23.67
Menorca; 07749<ZIP<=07769; 30<Weight<=40; 28.08
Menorca; 07749<ZIP<=07769; 40<Weight<=50; 32.64
Menorca; 07749<ZIP<=07769; 50<Weight<=60; 37.25
Menorca; 07749<ZIP<=07769; 70<Weight<=80; 45.05
Menorca; 07749<ZIP<=07769; 80<Weight<=90; 48.96
Menorca; 07749<ZIP<=07769; 90<Weight<=100; 52.95
Menorca; 07749<ZIP<=07769; 100<Weight<=110; 57.17
Menorca; 07749<ZIP<=07769; 110<Weight<=120; 61.71
Menorca; 07749<ZIP<=07769; 120<Weight<=130; 66.22
Menorca; 07749<ZIP<=07769; 130<Weight<=140; 70.77
Menorca; 07749<ZIP<=07769; Weight>140; NoShipping

Islas Baleares; 07770<ZIP<=07799; MinWeight==0; NoShipping
Islas Baleares; 07770<ZIP<=07799; 0<=Weight<=10; 12.60
Islas Baleares; 07770<ZIP<=07799; 10<Weight<=20; 13.38
Islas Baleares; 07770<ZIP<=07799; 20<Weight<=30; 16.61
Islas Baleares; 07770<ZIP<=07799; 30<Weight<=40; 19.77
Islas Baleares; 07770<ZIP<=07799; 40<Weight<=50; 22.92
Islas Baleares; 07770<ZIP<=07799; 50<Weight<=60; 26.15
Islas Baleares; 07770<ZIP<=07799; 70<Weight<=80; 29.35
Islas Baleares; 07770<ZIP<=07799; 80<Weight<=90; 35.65
Islas Baleares; 07770<ZIP<=07799; 90<Weight<=100; 38.88
Islas Baleares; 07770<ZIP<=07799; 100<Weight<=110; 42.13
Islas Baleares; 07770<ZIP<=07799; 110<Weight<=120; 45.27
Islas Baleares; 07770<ZIP<=07799; 120<Weight<=130; 48.43
Islas Baleares; 07770<ZIP<=07799; 130<Weight<=140; 51.66
Islas Baleares; 07770<ZIP<=07799; Weight>140; NoShipping

Ibiza; 07800<ZIP<=07859; MinWeight==0; NoShipping
Ibiza; 07800<ZIP<=07859; 0<=Weight<=10; 16.31
Ibiza; 07800<ZIP<=07859; 10<Weight<=20; 19.46
Ibiza; 07800<ZIP<=07859; 20<Weight<=30; 23.67
Ibiza; 07800<ZIP<=07859; 30<Weight<=40; 28.08
Ibiza; 07800<ZIP<=07859; 40<Weight<=50; 32.64
Ibiza; 07800<ZIP<=07859; 50<Weight<=60; 37.25
Ibiza; 07800<ZIP<=07859; 70<Weight<=80; 45.05
Ibiza; 07800<ZIP<=07859; 80<Weight<=90; 48.96
Ibiza; 07800<ZIP<=07859; 90<Weight<=100; 52.95
Ibiza; 07800<ZIP<=07859; 100<Weight<=110; 57.17
Ibiza; 07800<ZIP<=07859; 110<Weight<=120; 61.71
Ibiza; 07800<ZIP<=07859; 120<Weight<=130; 66.22
Ibiza; 07800<ZIP<=07859; 130<Weight<=140; 70.77
Ibiza; 07800<ZIP<=07859; Weight>140; NoShipping

Islas Baleares; 07860<ZIP<=07999; MinWeight==0; NoShipping
Islas Baleares; 07860<ZIP<=07999; 0<Weight<=10; 12.60
Islas Baleares; 07860<ZIP<=07999; 10<Weight<=20; 13.38
Islas Baleares; 07860<ZIP<=07999; 20<Weight<=30; 16.61
Islas Baleares; 07860<ZIP<=07999; 30<Weight<=40; 19.77
Islas Baleares; 07860<ZIP<=07999; 40<Weight<=50; 22.92
Islas Baleares; 07860<ZIP<=07999; 50<Weight<=60; 26.15
Islas Baleares; 07860<ZIP<=07999; 70<Weight<=80; 29.35
Islas Baleares; 07860<ZIP<=07999; 80<Weight<=90; 35.65
Islas Baleares; 07860<ZIP<=07999; 90<Weight<=100; 38.88
Islas Baleares; 07860<ZIP<=07999; 100<Weight<=110; 42.13
Islas Baleares; 07860<ZIP<=07999; 110<Weight<=120; 45.27
Islas Baleares; 07860<ZIP<=07999; 120<Weight<=130; 48.43
Islas Baleares; 07860<ZIP<=07999; 130<Weight<=140; 51.66
Islas Baleares; 07860<ZIP<=07999; Weight>140; NoShipping

Las Palmas GC; 35000<ZIP<=35999; MinWeight==0; NoShipping
Las Palmas GC; 35000<ZIP<=35999; 0<Weight<=3; NoShipping
Las Palmas GC; 35000<ZIP<=35999; 3<Weight<=5; NoShipping
Las Palmas GC; 35000<ZIP<=35999; 5<Weight<=10; NoShipping
Las Palmas GC; 35000<ZIP<=35999; 10<Weight<=15; NoShipping
Las Palmas GC; 35000<ZIP<=35999; Weight>15; NoShipping

Tenerife; 38000<ZIP<=38999; MinWeight==0; NoShipping
Tenerife; 38000<ZIP<=38999; 0<Weight<=3; NoShipping
Tenerife; 38000<ZIP<=38999; 3<Weight<=5; NoShipping
Tenerife; 38000<ZIP<=38999; 5<Weight<=10; NoShipping
Tenerife; 38000<ZIP<=38999; 10<Weight<=15; NoShipping
Tenerife; 38000<ZIP<=38999; Weight>15; NoShipping

Ceuta; 51000<ZIP<=51999; MinWeight==0; NoShipping
Ceuta; 51000<ZIP<=51999; 0<Weight<=3; NoShipping
Ceuta; 51000<ZIP<=51999; 3<Weight<=5; NoShipping
Ceuta; 51000<ZIP<=51999; 5<Weight<=10; NoShipping
Ceuta; 51000<ZIP<=51999; 10<Weight<=15; NoShipping
Ceuta; 51000<ZIP<=51999; Weight>15; NoShipping

Melilla; 52000<ZIP<=52999; MinWeight==0; NoShipping
Melilla; 52000<ZIP<=52999; 0<Weight<=3; NoShipping
Melilla; 52000<ZIP<=52999; 3<Weight<=5; NoShipping
Melilla; 52000<ZIP<=52999; 5<Weight<=10; NoShipping
Melilla; 52000<ZIP<=52999; 10<Weight<=15; NoShipping
Melilla; 52000<ZIP<=52999; Weight>15; NoShipping

Name=MRW 24/48H; MinWeight==0; NoShipping
Name=MRW 24/48H; 0<Weight<=5; Shipping=5.69
Name=MRW 24/48H; 5<Weight<=15; Shipping=6.03
Name=MRW 24/48H; 15<Weight<=20; Shipping=6.58
Name=MRW 24/48H; 20<Weight<=25; Shipping=6.91
Name=MRW 24/48H; 25<Weight<=30; Shipping=13.27
Name=MRW 24/48H; 30<Weight<=35; Shipping=15.57
Name=MRW 24/48H; 35<Weight<=40; Shipping=17.85
Name=MRW 24/48H; Weight=>40; Shipping=50
Name=MRW 24/48H; Weight=>1000; Shipping=100

No weight = no shipping? 04 Jun 2014 10:23 #6

Ah, I can now see the problem. The name cannot be written without the Name=... prefix, because the name needs to be handled specially (i.e. the plugin must not try to evaluate the name as an expression/formula, because otherwise the name would always have to be written with quote). If you don't do this, the plugin thinks it isthe shipping costs, butas it is no numerical value, a fallback value of 0 is used instead.

So, the solution to your issue is to simple prepend Name= to all your rule names.

Best regards,
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