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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Plugin development ceased, all plugins made available freely (GPL)

With great sadness we have to announce that we are ceasing development of all our VirtueMart, WooCommerce and Joomla plugins. Effective immediately, all our plugins -- even those that were paid downloads -- are made available for free from our homepage (GPL license still applies), but we cannot and will not provide any support anymore.

It has been a great pleasure to be part of the thriving development communities of VirtueMart as well as WooCommerce. However, during the last year it became painstakingly clear that in addition to a full-time job, a young family and several other time-consuming hobbies at professional level (like being a professional singer) the plugin development and the support that it requires is not sustainable and is taking its toll. It has been an honor, but it is now time to say good bye!



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Calc by weight - 3 weight groups 12 Jun 2014 22:12 #1

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Sorry, I previously posted in the wrong forum (was distracted by someone else's post, who also posted into the wrong one, please delete the double post).

I have tried just about every combination, for hours. I thought this would be simple.

Weight 1-19kg - free
Weight 20-109kg - €1.68 (net)
Weight above 110kg - €2.94 (net)

If all three products are in the cart, then the highest cost should apply.

I would have thought that this works:
Weight >=1; 0.00
Weight >=20; 1.68
Weight >=110; 2.94

But that returns 'no shipment selected'.

I tried about 30 other combinations (below only a few of those), but, if it worked at all, it turned out the values for the wrong weight categories, especially when deleting an item again. Please help!

Thanks and regards,


Not working:

Weight <=10; 0.00
Weight <=100; 1.68
Weight <=1000; 2.94

0<=Weight<=19; 0.00
20<=Weight<=109; 1.68
110<=Weight<=1000; 2.94

Weight>=100; Shipping=2.94
Weight>=19; Shipping=1.68
Weight>=1; Shipping=0.00

Weight==1000; Shipping=2.94
Weight==109; Shipping=1.68
Weight==20; Shipping=0.00

MaxWeight<=19; 0
MaxWeight<=109; 1.68
MaxWeight<=20000; 2.94

Error 'no shipping selected':

2>=Weight>=19; 0.50
20>=Weight>=109; 1.68
110>=Weight>=1000; 2.94

MinWeight>=2; 0
MaxWeight>=109; 1.68
MinWeight>110; 2.94

Calc by weight - 3 weight groups 14 Jul 2014 23:01 #2

Do you have the proper weight units selected? As a quick check, you can add a rule at the very top:
name=Weight is {Weight}, maxWeight is {MaxWeight}, MinWeight is {MinWeight}; Shipping=0

This will always match and offer 0 shipping costs (so please remove that rule after testing), but it will also display the actual values of the Weight, MaxWeigth and MinWeight variables. This will give you a hint whether the proper units are used...

Best regards,
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